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25 Thoughts EVERY Drunk Person Has At A Wedding

We love a good session. But once that complimentary glass of bubbly slides down smoothly at the reception, it’s all downhill for the rest of the night. Here’s 25 thoughts EVERY drunk wedding guest has – and some of it ain’t pretty.

Free Wine. Score!!

I’m Starving. Where Are The Fancy Canapes?

One Glass Of Wine With The Meal. Pfft…CheapSkates.

If I Avoid Contact With The Guy To My Left, Maybe He’ll Go Away.

This Is My ‘I’m So Interested In What You’re Saying Face’

These Speeches Are So Long. I Will Punch The Next Speaker In The Face.

Where’s My Dinner. I’m Starving.

God The Servers Are So Slow. Eh, Why Was My Table Not Served First?


Maybe I’ll Go For A Snooze. Just For 5 Mins.

What The…I’ve Been Asleep For Nearly 2 Hours!!

Need. More. Vodka.

Screw This I’m Taking My Shoes Off.

Shots Anyone?

***Whips Out Credit Card***

I’m Paying Lads. They’re All On Me Because I’m A Total Boss.

You’re My Best Friend

No, You’re My Best Friend

This Is My Favourite Song!

Jaysus That Bridesmaid Looks A Bit Of Alright

OMG I’ll Look Like A Total Rebel If I Wrap My Tie Around My Head.

Wait THIS Is My Favourite Song!!

Why Is The DJ Not Playing Sex Bomb? I Requested It Ages Ago!!

What, It’s Over? Already?

To The Resident’s Lounge!!

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Posted 29 Dec 2016 by Ciara Moore in:
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