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7 Winter Wedding Photos That Melted Our Hearts

We were totally inspired by this week’s viral winter wedding photos. A freak snow storm created the most magical backdrop we have EVER seen. Don’t let weather worries affect your stress levels in the weeks ahead of your celebration. Take a look at these fairytale snow scenes, cos they are gonna melt away your fears. When life hands you lemons…

Winter Wedding Photos - Matt & Lena Photography

Winter Wedding Photos - Matt & Lena Photography

Paul Liddement Wedding Stories

Paul Liddement Wedding Stories

Danielle de Fiore

Benj Haisch

Orange Girl

Image Credits: Matt & Lena Photography via Style Me Pretty; Paul Liddement Wedding Stories; Danielle De Fiore via Style Me Pretty; Benj Haisch; Orange Girl.

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Posted 04 Nov 2016 by Ciara Moore in:
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